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  • HACCP and ISO 9001:2015 certified.
  • Extruded, closed cell, non crosslinked foam made out of LDPE. The material is 100% recyclable and is produced without any CFC, HCFC or azodicarbonamide.
  • All supplier quality audits of multinational clients passed.
  • Only 100% virgin raw material used for all products.
  • Raw materials are of the highest quality and meet all relevant FDA & EC regulations.
  • All caps are treated with extensive UV.
  • Material Safety and Data Sheets (MSDS) are readily available.
  • Caps are tested at regular intervals using microbiological analysis.
ATM || The Group
ATM has technical workers with over 30 years of experience in the industry. Our senior management are highly qualified professionals with a combined international business experience of over 50 years.
ATM Group Investment Holding Company
ATM Enterprises FZE
ATM Plastic Trading L.L.C
ATM Enterprises (pvt) Limited

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